About us

After several years of hard work at his family factory, Jacky Wen decided to come back to the beautiful port city where he spent his college years.He met his wife there and found his own business. In the year of 2000, Wensign Enterprises Limited was established in the city of Xiamen, renowned for her beautiful scenery and cultural diversity. In the company’s early years, we just did OEM or ODM orders from our overseas customers. The product line included tableware, garden arts & crafts and decorative accessories of different materials.

With years gone by, we realized that we should focus our offerings instead of getting involved with too many products in different categories. We decided we would rather be successful in a specific field than one of many in a big world. In 2009, we started to design and manufacture succulent containers and mounting bases for Tillandsia air plants. Fortunately, those cute and unique plants had been becoming more and more popular among those people who are fond of using plants to create landscaping & decoration indoors or outdoors. This really helped us to decide our successful transformation!
With many years of experience devoted to this genre, specifically combined with our vast production capability, we are constantly introducing attractive new products to the marketplace at home and abroad. In addition, our customer pricing allows for considerable profit margins and sales growth.
We have created many patented items. The Tillandsiart Collection is our most recently developed product series for expanding the application of tillandsias for interior and exterior landscaping. With certain items in the series, people can easily mount tillandsias without glue and display the finished product almost anywhere. These capabilities allow Tillandsia air plants to become an almost -addictively popular item among consumers.
Finally, as part of our strategic plan, we welcome opinions and suggestions from our global customers. We believe that your voice can encourage us to do things better and serve you better!
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