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By Michale Young | 22 April 2020 | 0 Comments

A New Way to Hang Tillandsia Air Plants in the Air

How to use Ring & Ball Air Plants DIY Kit to Create a Vertical Air Plant Display ?


  Inside the kit, the followings are included:
   a. 4.8M Hemp Rope  ,
   b. 6pcs black coated rings of 10CM diameter
   c. 5 ceramic balls of 5CM diameter
   d. E6000 Glue .


1) Use scissors to cut the rope to 6pcs with the length of 70CM each ;

2) Tie a big knot on the metal ring with one rope , and the knot should be next to the ring and fixed on the ring tightly . The knot should be bigger than the hole of ceramic ball to be able to lock the ceramic ball on its top . Totally, make 6pcs the same ring knotted with rope .        

3) Drag the rope through the hole of a ceramic ball with the small spreading tool and make another big knot on the other end of the hole . So the ceramic ball will be locked between the two knots .
4) Repeat Step 3 until you get five Pieces of ring and ball combinations .
5) Hang the ring without ceramic ball on a wall as the top beginning of the whole string of rings & balls . Fasten the rope of a ring and ball combination on the base of the ring over it and do the same to the rest of ball and ring combinations from the top down .

6) Tie the Decorative Swirl on the base of the last ring on the bottom .
 7) Trim the root of air plants before gluing them on the holding plate of the six rings .

8) Finally, you finish creating a beautiful string of air plants with rings and balls .
9) You can hang it anywhere indoors or outdoors for landscaping .


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